Walking Track at JRMCC

Print Poster – 2016 Walking Track

2016 Walking Track

Print – 2016 Walking Rules

JRMCC Sports & Recreation strives to provide a safe & enjoyable walking & jogging environment for the public. Our Hours of Operation are as follows:
8:00 am to 10:00 pm Weekdays
Monday: Clockwise
Tuesday: Counter Clockwise
Wednesday: Clockwise
Thursday: Counter Clockwise
Friday: Clockwise
(*Please use arena entrance during lunch hours all other times use the main JRMCC entrance)
10:30 am – 8:00 pm *Saturday & Sunday
Saturday: Counter Clockwise
Sunday: Clockwise
 *Track is closed during hockey tournaments or other major events due to high traffic.
 Track is closed during Stat holidays.
In order to achieve this environment, the following guidelines are to be followed:
1. Use the track at your own risk.
2. Please be aware of pucks flying off of the ice surface around the zamboni door area. Walkers and joggers accept all liability for injuries and/or damages which may arise in this regard.
3. Please be considerate to all users and respect arena staff instructions.
4. Walking and jogging is NOT permitted during:
 Hockey tournaments and special events such as concerts, conferences, etc.
5. Persons under the age of 13 years must be supervised by an adult (18 years+).
6. There is an AED located in the referee’s room. Please speak to arena staff for any additional first aid requirements.
7. Walking and jogging must be performed in a controlled manner at all times:
 Please walk or jog in a direction as listed on that specific day.
 Two (2) people may walk or jog side by side in most situations, but should be mindful of walking or jogging single file around the Announcer’s Booth and/or the west side of the building (along the seating area). Please use common sense in this situation.
 Verbalize your intentions before passing.
 Strollers and wheelchairs are permitted.
8. No stair running is permitted in aisles while groups are on the ice as it may prohibit the view for spectators.
9. Food, gum and beverages are not permitted in the track area.
10. Water in a plastic or metal bottle container is allowed. Absolutely no glass bottles.
11. No spitting or littering.
12. Stretching areas are located in the corners of the track. Stretching on the track should be avoided.
13. Users are encouraged not to use street shoes.
14. Please do not leave valuables unattended. JRMCC Sports & Recreation is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal property.
15. JRMCC Sports & Recreation reserves the right to deny any person access to the track for behavior deemed
16. Bikes, skateboards and Heelys are not permitted on the track.
Distance: 6 laps around the upper deck constitutes as 1 km.
Walking & jogging is a secondary function in the Arena. As such, the Schedule may change without notification based on ice schedules or other events. Please call JRMCC 425-4852 for any questions.